1.Attention maintain car three system to improve your car performance
Here only said the pay little attention to the soft system, there are three big soft system influence the maximum efficiency cars, electric power, fuel, air, briefly introduce the car's performance to improve the three soft systems, and each part of the detailed introduction, in view of the engine for car performance improvements, is to engine for promotion and reduce, reduce emissions prolong engine life.The main purpose is to let the into the engine of combustible gas can be fully, completely mixed, make strong spark lit mixed gas burn adequately. Here we introduce no changes to the engine of the internal parts, car and car music power protector, car maintenance the soft system, just replace upgrade the product and the auxiliary products to achieve from gas and oil, circuit, three aspects of engine performance for the method of ascension. Its biggest advantage is not adapted and tear open outfit convenient, is through the car maintenance the soft system to improve the car the best state.

1, gas path: increased unit time into the engine the amount of air in cylinder, reduce the intake resistance, this is part of the engine intake to the goal of ascension. It is usually a replacement of the original high flow style, in addition the blasting wind stick, placed in the intake box can through its own energy release role, will enter the air group of a significant amount of decomposition anionic air, and the original air molecules of movement disorder disorder, become orderly rows of linear motion, let the engine to thin the burning of the state, the engine speed climb faster power stronger.

2, fuel: gasoline through the nozzle is atomized into to engine cylinder inside, and gasoline atomization rate decided the it and air mixing effect. Therefore, gasoline atomization, the better for the mixed with air and fully burning. For many of the modified oil in the way of the physical type fuel supercharger is a effective method, increase petrol injection velocity more refined. The latest USES the rare element energy apron, the engine heated, release the far infrared ray will fuel molecules of collecting group 'decomposition' into a single molecules, nozzle gasoline atomization effect is better.

3, circuit: circuit and divided into 10 big system, now out of safety car, intelligent, entertainment, the electronic equipment increased, the car of electronic equipment used at the same time, the engine power is being spread out, commonly known as' rob electric 'easy to cause the each sending and receiving signal is incorrect, car maintenance power system optimal for important, originally was through to supply electric power, but the battery can't keep pace with the discharge, storage battery power supply of the stability of the engine, ignition efficiency, point the conductive ability and the voltage of the positive and negative balance, the engine power has very big effect. For this, we can point the spark plug, through replacement, and the current balance device car power protector auxiliary facilities, to reduce the electric power load and enhance the energy of the ignition, added fast ?
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